Are you looking for a new place to paint your latest inspiration? Well, look no further! In September 2015, Outnumberd Gallery will be hosting the Imagined Wall Festival. If selected to be a part of this project, you will have the opportunity to fill a 16′ x 16′ sq. ft. section of a cinder block wall on the outside of a local downtown Littleton building. We also have several smaller painting opportunities around the city of Littleton which are around the 3’ x 4’ x 1’’ range. You will have approximately a week to finish your masterpiece. Saturday, September 19, 2015 will be the final day of painting, accompanied by an all-day art festival, ending with a Reveal Celebration Party featuring the local band “Selasee & The Fafa Family!. We will select 15 artists for the large mural project and around 60 for the smaller painting projects, and all age groups are welcome and encouraged to apply. You can apply as an individual or a team. We look forward to getting your application!

To apply for your spot in the Imagined Wall Festival, send the following information to Outnumbered Gallery by using the form below. Once approved to be a part of this project, you will need to submit sketches of the mural you would like to be painting in the festival for pre-approval by the Outnumbered Gallery selection team. Good Luck!

For questions, please email Sudee at



Where are you from?

Previous experience in street art/murals - include location and links of artwork.

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Please upload file of artwork below. File size must be under 5mb.